“DRONES” Aerial Photography for Real Estate


You may have heard of drones being used in war or perhaps you’ve seen them in Showtime’s “Homeland” or maybe in the latest espionage thriller in the theaters…. but the the newest and possibly coolest new trend for these flying robots, surprisingly is in Real Estate! What was once a very costly service ie. hiring a professional helicopter pilot and photographer for an undetermined period of time- is now becoming much more affordable, with the advent of radio controlled drones, fixed with HD cameras. It’s very cool to see in action and it really gives you a perspective of the property and it’s surroundings. I am happy to say we (The Walsh Team) are one of the first real estate groups to take advantage of this trend. Providing aerial photography to all of our clients is a game-changer because it allows us to offer something unique that other agents typically don’t provide. Generally, it’s reserved only for luxury properties because it can be so costly. To see how it works, [PLAY VIDEO].

If you found this article interesting and are contemplating a move, The Walsh Team is now offering aerial photography for real estate using the drone helicopter. Email info@walshteam.com or call 508-934-4030 today. Use code-word “Drone-Copter” and we will provide this service for FREE with any new listing!

The Walsh Team was recently named a “Best Agents in America” by The Wall St. Journal’s REAL Trends for 2013.