“Turning Dreams Into Reality” – #LuxuryRealEstate

“Turning Dreams Into Reality” For the past 10 years I have dedicated a good portion of my time to over-hauling, beautifying, improving, revamping and perfecting our website walshteam.com, to be the very best. I am self taught, it’s not something I studied in school and there have been many a day where I stared at the screen with blurry eyes and literally wanted to throw the laptop across the room or rip my hair out in frustration! To make matters worse, my focus was on Luxury Real Estate in Massachusetts, which is an incredibly aggressive and competitive market. I had big companies and some heavy-hitters to contend with but today I am proud to say we are at the top of the list- ranked #5 on Google for Luxury Real Estate in MA. What’s more, is we have the #1 Luxury Real Estate website for MA as an independent “agent” site (which is not a company site). For me, it is an incredible achievement and a long time coming! But what’s more important is what this means for all of the luxury home buyers and sellers. As a luxury home buyer or seller you will find everything you need, from beautiful and stunning “Home Search” results, to even a translator tool for every listing, so visitors can easily find out the details of each and every property in their own native language. The whole idea was to create a place that luxury home buyers and sellers would go to search for luxury homes and be able to find things that are tailored to their discerning tastes and unique needs. The most important aspect though, is how this will affect our Luxury Home Sellers. Since the beginning, “exposure” is the name of the game for getting homes sold- for the most money and that’s because the more people see it, the better chance there is of finding a buyer! So as far as this latest Google Ranking goes, it is ultimately the result of just how much traffic we are getting compared to everyone else… proving once again, “If you build it, they will come”… (Thanks for reading! Please visit http://www.walshteam.com/luxury-real-estate.asp for all of you Luxury Real Estate needs in MA or if you just want to poke around at some of the most expensive homes for sale in MA)